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My eyes have no you, because you are in my blood; I have no you in the blood, because you are in my heart。 Dear, no matter where, you are my one and only。


Xia Riwan, bay the moon, the stars river, fishing miss you in my mind; Xia Riwan, happiness, happiness of river, I fishing romance in your smile, the person oh。


Your happiness, I exclusive sponsorship: your pain, my sole bear; Your temper, I exclusive bear: your life, my sole companion。 Love tiger oil, baby!


Long for a one-night stand, there no one I know; I see myself as a spade, shovel trouble for love for you; Caress I treat you like a heart treasure, life is good。


I would like to add to your happiness and running, is willing to work for your happiness。 Your smile is my treasure, your satisfaction is my good。 Dear, wish you happy!


I want to tell the world, I'm here for you。 When you are sad, give you a warm embrace; When you are tired, give you a solid。 Love you forever and ever!


I found between cycles, I remarked in between the rebirth, yearning for many years, many hope, miss has become a connection you my line, not the knot by sincerely。


Whether life is settled, I will put you in heart, and makes deep shock my heart every day, let all the pulse drives syne, transmit information and the desire of your company!


To silence, maybe love is unreasonable, so let me know what it means to love, difficult to send information to you, put a piece of true feelings to you, have been passed to you。


No matter life is stable or make, I will put you in my heart, let the deep impact my heart every day, let all pulse syne, transmit information and the desire of your company。


No matter how far is the kite, line is always in the palm of a kite people, no matter where I am, my heart is always with you。 Dear, I love you, always a little more than yesterday。


Flowers bloom in the summer and colorful; At this time, my heart is full of thoughts; I pay attention to you every day, want to let flowers bloom like your smile, let your life is very sweet。


Continuous rain, yiyi, every day miss you; Month now, feeling deeply, love true to you; Day light light blue, feeling well, everything。 Let my thoughts bring you endless happiness!


Either in, or hidden in the heart, is you anyway。 Love each other, caring each other。 Don't have to be day by day, forever is xinxin miss: dear, take good care of yourself。


Baby: don't feel tired, to rest; Don't feel hungry, to eat; Don't feel cold, to add the clothes; Don't feel sleepy, just want to me。 Take good care of yourself, care good body!


Both hands the heartbeat, squeezing into a care, from now on you is its attribution, so there is some way out of my heart, my love will no longer lonely, love you I'm not lonely。


At night, you in my dream; During the day, you are in my heart; Together, you in my eyes; In the separation, when I miss you。 Dear, have you every day, every minute he never forgot about it。


I'm afraid of the dark I want you to comfort, I am tired I want you to comfort, I can't fall asleep without your care, without you I can't face tomorrow, don't think you I'll never learn can't!


I the window and sit, watching the moonlight streamed, fill the whole room, also with my thoughts, hurriedly pushed open your window, let my thoughts with you long side, with you, sweet sleep。


Wait for a sunrise, need a day; Wait for a second month circle, need to January; Wait for a flower, need a year; Waiting for a love life, you need to for a lifetime。 Love you forever unchanged。


As if or yesterday, every detail crazy thoughts, hope is in, today I am feeling fine line in your eyes, will be tomorrow, I am a life of faith with you hand in hand, my dear, I love you。


Gently, you come, like a green leaf floated into my in the mind; Slowly, accustomed to, let you in the heart to go on forever; Gradually, fall in love with you, you like send a blessing will not forget。


In the most intimate of temperature, give you a hug; In the most gentle eyes, give you care; With the most practical action, take good care of you; With the most sincere cordiality, real happiness to you!


You are my joy, have you no worries forever; You are my heart good, you are the world is full of laughter; You happy is my date, you have a sweet taste。 But let this life accompany with you old!


During the long distance in the years in a line of missing, worried about you in my heart to each other at both ends, at the moment we met, blossom a the most beautiful scenery in the life forever。


In love, for the ship, missing an oar, full of love; Spring tides occur, on the precipitation, gently into your heart; This is the most attractive, the most sincere heart, think you, want to me, let love forever!


Tired is stopped, waiting for my shoulder; Injustice, let the tears fall down, I in the chest in waiting for you。 Baby, roses on valentine's day, in addition to roses, also want to give you your love of life。


I would like to become a thief, stole your true feelings, and in a romantic at heart, use lifetime to fight, even if only a bowl of porridge, I also into your hand, this life love you enough! Hey! You moved?


Mountain not turn water turn, and the water did not turn the earth, the earth doesn't turn you turn, if you don't, I'll turn。 No matter you turn don't turn, I turn around you。 Because you are my center, you are my focus。


I think is your cosmetic mirror, can see your face every day, I think is your quilt, can hold you in the evening everyday, I think it is of your interest, you can kiss your lips everyday, my dear, miss you。


Think you, has become a habit, how can you just not miss you, for me, this is a difficult problem, is a mystery, but I don't want to break, I just want to tell you: I love you, forever, I am willing to!


You are the center of the circle, I around you sing; You are a kite, I accompany you to fly; You are my land, light rain for you。 I am your little love mew, you are my little bird, love each other, and son xielao!


And made a worldly the train of thought, sweet comfort and confused; Because love too devotion, Mired in confusion and happiness; May need to show, a big step forward; No sweet words, only the truly to pay。


If you don't miss you, miss you has become a habit, I am unable to eat anything。 Love you has become my life, if does not love you, I can't live。 My love for you is so strong, you can feel it!


Missing is the coffee in the midnight, let a person can't sleep; Missing is the cool in the summer, let a person very want to stay; Missing is cooking salt, much to swallow; Because of love, missing is so fall!


The sky so blue, the liquid daily good beauty, want to your heart。 Missing for a long, way away, and look forward to your mood。 How short text messages, caring for a long, hope to have your company at the moment。


Two red heart on a string, two acacia a proverb。 Two-phase blessing warm heart, two fall v。 touching。 Today modes of life and desire to go round, long exist figure。 Through text messages to send love to you is my other half。


Will love rest assured the bottom, the predestination cherish; Will be thinking of hidden in the heart, brewing fragrant memory。 Sleepless night is a song, sweet melody, the unending yearning to prove that the magic of love, miss you!


If the signals in the journey doesn't receive your signal, the heart of the scenery will lose sight of beauty, if the dream candle as less than your smile, the warm heart of the lamp will lose efficacy, my dear, I miss you。


Walk, scattered, the memories are weak; Be in a hurry busy, tired, the sky was dark; Sleep sleep, woke up and began to sorrow; Open, found that you are missing, all of a sudden I messed up, originally, I miss you。


Accompanying with the cloud, is the wind's happiness; Depended on tree, is happiness; With love, happiness is a butterfly, And on the other side of the day, it is in the land of happiness; Be together with you, is the greatest happiness in my life!


To be a rain helps the bleak on wine when songs difficult separation。 West window red candle according to sleepless, apricot hand low eyebrow on play。 Dear, miss you。 Far away for me, please take good care of you, my heart go with you forever。


For a long time, you have been living in my heart, I have put down the heavens and the earth, but I never put down you。 The mountains of my life, waiting for you love in the bath。 Where are you, where is my missing。 Pro, good think you!


When thinking of you, the world is always very quiet, feel sweet and warm in the near slowly, forget all the rough adversity, undivided attention to cherish the feelings, eager to further close with you, let me talk to my confession!


Acacia in according with colchicine, is the most unforgettable heart pounding; Not economist GanReNao, only love too beautiful; Give me the joy and suffering, I use the truth to smile; This life the fate has come, and love you whole life the most proud。


Light light blue sea, TianGuang wide, my thoughts in spreading; The wind gently, cloud light, care before the ride with the wind; Month now, and the water streamed down, really want to held you in my arms; SMS, acacia send to you embrace is full of happiness!


Waking up every morning, there is always a sweet flow in my heart, and always think you constantly complained of love in the ear, total want to harvest your missing letters, tell me every second you wouldn't want to have this love following years!


Happiness is not the problem, the problem is I happy your happiness; Think you is not the problem, the problem is you don't know I miss you in; Greetings, greetings is not a problem, the problem is every time you are all happy happiness? Don't forget, more contact!