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Is a beautiful day, let my pious blessing, bring you success, wish you a happy birthday!


Wish I was the first one said "happy birthday" to you friend, wish the happy and successful year!


Delicate and charming flowers, has been open for you; The good old days, has been quietly。 I wish you a happy birthday!


Please accept my gift, it brings warm affection and loving thought of you, wish you a happy birthday, and again a year! Happy forever!


Moon and rotary wing, if accompanied by sincere long, whether you are in faraway places, I will always remember this day。 I wish you a happy birthday!


Limited space, the limited words, to the infinite bless you, loudly say to you: happy birthday! You will be happy every day, always happy!


I would like a maple tree, stretch my pure shallow blue, in the morning breeze in the sunset burning my deep red is bright, for your birthday。


Wait, only to meet with you。 Maybe no one will believe that this moment bursts with light, will reflects bright you my long life。 I wish you a happy birthday!


You use beautiful rings into a volume of ink scent calendar, every year I will be in the calendar on this page with miss feeling your birthday wishes!


I made a cake with happiness, I made the candle, happy today, I point you the birthday candle for you with blessing, wish you a happy life, happy life。


Happy birthday, old classmates, old friend, I want to say to you, don't be so good for every woman。 A few good enough for us。 Long live the friendship。


Although can't accompany you spend this special day, but my wish is still on time。 In your colorful life journey, come! Happy birthday birthday wishes!


Not everyone can take a heart to heart, a true friend is don't care about fame and fortune is honest。 Thank you for the friend and classmate, happy birthday!


Mother's birthday to again, let cool I can't accompany in your side。 No how expensive gift, but have a sincere heart, happy birthday to my dear mom, I love you forever。


You is nagging me coordinates to act, but I was just know, your concern is the warm sunshine, tireless shine in my life, mom, I wish you a happy birthday today!


There is no the perfume of flowers, the sweet smell of fruit; No candle bright, no song loud; Have a sweet heart valve, a caring, send you the thick blessing: happy birthday!


There is no fragrance of the flowers, the sweet smell of fruit; No candle bright, no loud song。 Only a sweet heart valve, a caring, send you the thick blessing: happy birthday!


All languages have become pale in front of the emotion, what also needless to say, what also don't have to say, send you a little birthday card: a record of my above a few words!


Ying ying days like today, mine water as the day of the year。 Love in my heart, love is longer than the dream。 Wish you a happy birthday! Every day of thy life youth beautiful beautiful forever!


Send you a rose, on which all SMS, send you a big peach blossom, fortunes to rely on it and send you a bowl of bean curd flower, need you day and night laugh! I wish a happy birthday!


The annual cycle of life, belong to you the most splendid days, my sincere confided to meteor give you the most sincere and full of blessing words: happy birthday! Life beautiful!


Your birthday is coming, I pack all the joy and happiness to give his life to you, circulate in this message, you don't failed to live up to my blessing oh, and one year older, more happiness!


I put my love into life bank, is careful to write your name, that's fine, my love, can at any time into it。 The password is your birthday, so good, I love you can take at any time!


Distant distance, distant road, distant in time and space are our friendship, today is your birthday, in the distance I send you my sincere blessing, wish you a happy birthday! Happy forever!


Let the stars into my eyes, care of you all night; Let the wind into my smile, your act of heart; Let all the good things into my blessing, always accompany you, wish you a happy birthday!


Your birthday is only for a day, the company of friends is a life; Your candle point only one root, family care but warm life; My blessings only said it again, but your happiness life, happy birthday!


My blessing is like vitamin C, every day with you, for you to increase or decrease in immunity; My blessing is like dove chocolate, every day with you, give you many sweet。 Wish you a happy birthday。


In this special day, wishes you, peace and happiness, the mood is beautiful; Wish you, in this beautiful days, love is sweet, all the best; Wish you happy birthday and happiness go hand in hand!


Young age has come, experience of years into the wasted living years, for the life of toil grinding years vicissitudes of life, today is your birthday, I wish my mother healthy, happy, a lot of good fortune!


Birthday SMS bless you, the good day according to you, the god of wealth stick with you every day, health accompany you all the time, cent cent with you happiness, happy seconds seconds will haunt you。 Happy birthday!


Wish meteor across the sky, the firefly with blessing light up the night, my text messages with blessing through time and space, although not in your side, I always miss you, sincerely wish you a happy birthday!


You are a tree, to the invasion of the body, cover ups and downs for me; You are the sun, shining light, I thrive; Send you birthday wishes my dear father, son, I wish you health and long life。


Today is your birthday, may all the happiness surround you, on the left is sweet, right is satisfied; Wish all the best around you, the front is peace, followed by health; I wish you a happy birthday!


Send you BMW, birthday at success。 Birthday send you wave table, infinite love forever。 Birthday gave you parker pen, gentle writing legend。 Birthday send you red peony, wealth and good fortune not head!


Open the message, gifts。 Send the most sincere birthday wishes for you。 Send your first gift is healthy, I wish you a alive every day; The second gift is happy, I wish you a happy day and night to laugh!


Day by day was filled with deep thoughts, remembering the dream smile every day, every day looking forward to the sweet, weave every day happy, tomorrow up day by day with a good wishes。 Baby, happy birthday!


The distant bell hands, I am in the early morning awake; The watch ticks fadein, smile keys bell; Write down the blessings of the sound, and sent to you happy surplus; Your first birthday wishes: happy forever, happy!


You're the only one I wish, is the eternal greetings, is my missing。 This life can meet with you, even if there are no amount of pain, also feel beautiful, and to your birthday, wish a happy birthday, good luck!


Once a year, every day is a new beginning, each time the blessings of the thick deep feeling! Dear friend, I wish you a bosom filled with gifts, ear full of blessing! Today, you are the most splendid one!


Willing to give you a brilliant sun, bring you happiness every day。 Under your cheeks, although have a beautiful little poem, there are endless joy, have the joy of light rain, lightly, I have the wish, happy birthday!


Happy birthday to you, and than happy birthday every day! Days across the happier, like birthday happy every day! Love business is booming, many people don't blame, again wish you a happy birthday good luck!


Wonderful today, happy at this time, all the luck to get, laughter laughter, wanli waves seconds, has to the front, open the phone, let your heart be glad, can you good heart, my heart is enough, I wish you a happy birthday。


In the chain of time series on health beads worn on the wrist, you will grasp the in hand inside of your happiness。 With the poem composed of peace life of the song, you can let a happy heart。 I wish you a happy birthday, happy every day!


Birthday wishes from the sky, the Fried annoyance was black and blue all over, frighten to brighten the run, keep you happy day, keep your happiness goes back to ancient times, if a rearguard action, bless blown to the end of time!


High - cold: father, however, all rivers run into sea。 A father like a river, carrying dream。 Father love, such as road, winding touching。 Father love, such as day, support their homes。 Father love, such as port, nourish warmth。 Happy birthday to my father, health and peace!