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Miss your smile, miss your coat, miss your white socks, filled with Christmas presents。


You haven't received the gift? Then go to sleep! Your satisfied ge scare Santa Claus。


You eat very fat, you like, with pen, you won't get, will night urine kang! Merry Christmas!


Who know that Christmas is the festival? I don't know, is you of festival, Christmas! A fool。


Heart in float in the sky, feeling high。 Christmas Eve let us together, to listen to the ding of the Christmas?


Christmas, flipped the socks, inside out, hanging in the bed and the whole world is your gift。


Santa Claus, hurry up to give gifts, otherwise, I'm in a furnace with traps, and let you know my severe!


We go to dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve we sing, carnival night we go to the disco dancing。 I want we are together!


My every heartbeat miss you once, until my life rest, the heart no longer beating! I love you! Merry Christmas!


Children, I am a Santa Claus, there is a Christmas gift for you。 What…… No chimney in your family? Don't buy!


Dear merry Christmas, do you know who I am? This problem may not be important to you, but for me is very care about oh。


These days there has been a problem bothering me, you can not chicken, why everyone want to wish you a merry Christmas?


Your gift is too heavy, deer car, had to personally deliver, remember to wait for me, waiting for me to say happy Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Not only in the special day will think of you, but Christmas time will let you received my blessing!


How do you to begin, quick zheng big eyes, last night I climb on your bed, hide under your pillow with a very special gift!


Time such as poem, rising and falling。 Friendship, such as song, lingering。 Warm season, missing is full, I wish you a merry Christmas!


This is the information I sent to you after 3 days…… Don't peep oh…… Call you don't look at…… Also see…… Wish you a merry Christmas!


Soft white snow in the Christmas night sky flying, think your mood is still the same, just you also like I think you want to me?


Christmas is coming again, hope this year's Christmas and I love the people together。 Want to ask you, would you be my love?


Like you is very long, really want to in the Christmas Eve with you waltz, fu beside you gently say, I love you。


Christmas tree lit, countless stars light up, write your name under the sky, when the meteor across, and wishing me take together。


In this fascinating Christmas, you hide in the home have balls, gave birth to a pile of dinosaur eggs, and a small eggs, pig, merry Christmas!


When the bell rang, I was you! Don't speak wrong, not wedding bells, the ding of the Christmas, but I am a man of you to present。


How do you to begin, quickly opened the eyes of the eve, last night I climb on your bed, hide under your pillow a very special gift!


In this stylish good day, I have myriad blessings and don't speak, I only want to say to you is very old-fashioned four word: merry Christmas!


Thinking of you is really beautiful, plug in xinjiang roast leg of lamb。 Miss you ah, although fat, but have a weight in my heart。 Merry Christmas!


The white snow fluttering, lu ling knock, sweet Christmas Eve went to a wonderful happy Christmas! Boss, hard work for a year idle idle lele!


Merry Christmas! Quick look at the messages sent gift, otherwise you will be on pins and needles, this Christmas Eve heard no, don't laugh big fool!


One day I polished Aladdin's lamp, genie said: I will meet you a wish。 I said: please bless the person who is reading is a merry Christmas!


Quickly give me your socks off, I want to be a Christmas husband, pour my whole heart blessing to you, lovely, don't be too touched, merry Christmas。


A sentence every Christmas I want to say, but with no chance。 Now I was true to can not contain any more, please take you in my sofa socks!


Send you a Christmas tree, the root is a healthy body, the trunk is a happy family, the branch is in almost every cause, the leaves is a happy love。


If you are a man, I wish you a merry Christmas, two people that also wishing you all a merry Christmas, if it is a group of people, please tell me, where is you。


I want to tell me the truth when you most willing to, a romantic Christmas Eve opportunity comes, you like the pig with excitement, more like when angry, ha ha。


Because of your presence, this day is more special significance, because can meet with you under the trees make a common wish, let's love life。


Little witch, Christmas is coming again, I have a greeting to you, hope you don't stupid to stay again, can be lovely love oh, oh, it is you to be happier than me。


The ancients would lay eggs! Don't believe it? In fact, I don't believe, but now after Christmas I had to believe, the ancients such as raw eggs no Christmas? Wish you a merry Christmas。 Hee hee。


Bird flu did not frighten you, roup failed to kill you more for the family struggled to energy, see you again has decisively into the delivery room, I silently blessing you: happy eggs!


On Christmas Eve, report peaceful, if tonight the peaceful cantus transflux from your in a dream, so do you think, that's my across the mountain must fall asleep again and send to you my most sincere wishes!