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1、We just want our money back。我们只是要回我们的钱。

2、I will fight for the victory。我会奋战不懈,为了胜利而战。

3、I am not immortal, but I still have something。我不会永生不死,但我仍有余力。

4、There is no such thing as society。根本就不存在‘社会’这种东西。

5、As long as I can, I will be very patient。只要最后能随我所愿,我就会极有耐心。

6、I want to keep fighting, I want to fight until victory。我要继续战斗,我要战斗直至胜利。

7、Home is where you go when you have nothing to do。家就是你没事可做时去的地方。

8、Money is not an end, but a means to an end。金钱不是目的,而只是达到目的的一种手段。

9、In my generation, no woman will become prime minister。在我的世代,没有女性会成为首相。

10、I like Mr。 Gorbachev。 We can do business together。我喜欢戈尔巴乔夫先生。我们可以一起做生意。

11、That is a betrayal of a smile, this may be the worst thing。那是面带笑容的背叛,这可能是最坏的事情。

12、Money will not fall from the sky, must be down to earth to earn。钱不会从天上掉下来,必须脚踏实地去挣。

13、I'm not a consensus politician, I'm a politician of faith。我不是一位共识**家,我是一个有信念的**家。

14、If you want, you can change yourself。 But she won't change。如果你愿意,大可自己改变。但女士是不会转变的。

15、Economics is a way, the goal is to change the heart and soul。经济学是一种方法,其目标是改变心脏和灵魂。

16、With a smile of betrayal。 This could be the most horrible thing in the world。带着微笑的背叛。这可能是世上最**之事。

17、As long as I can achieve my goal, I will have extraordinary patience。只要我最终能达到自己的目的,我就会有超常的耐心。

18、To understand the difficulties of housekeeping women, is easy to understand by difficulties。了解持家难处的女性,较易明白治国之难处。

19、If you want to talk, ask a man; if you want something to do, ask a woman。假如你想要的是空谈,问男人;假如你想有些作为,问女人。

20、I don't care how much my ministers talked about, as long as they did what I said。我不在意我的大臣们谈了多少,只要他们按我说的做。

21、A big man is like a lady。 If you tell people you are, it means you are not。做大人物就像做淑女一样。如果你告诉人们你是,那就说明你不是。

22、Know anything about housekeeping woman, will have a better understanding of the problems。任何了解持家问题的女人,会更了解执政的问题。

23、There is no such thing as society。 Some are individual men and women, some families。没有社会这种东西。有的是个体的男人和女人,有的是家庭。

24、I love argument, I love debate。 I don't expect it to be quiet。 It's not their job。我爱争论,我爱辩论。我可不预期有人就安静的同意我的说法。这不是他们的工作。

25、Because politics is a battle between good and evil, and I believe Evil can never prevail over good。从政是因为有正邪之争,而我坚信邪不胜正。

26、We know what we want to do, so we go and implement it。 The British empire grew again。我们明白自己要做什么,于是去落实执行。大英帝国再次壮大了。

27、We have to stop the British back。 Today, the British spirit to reproduce, as in the past, burning。我们必须阻止英国倒退。如今,英国的精神重现,像过去一样熊熊燃烧。

28、Anyone who knows how to manage a family will have a better idea of how to manage a country。任何一位知道如何管理一个家庭的人将更透彻的知道如何管理一个国家。

29、Art can not rule, can not be predicted, and with a strong personal color, the real genius is so。艺术才华是无法规则,无法预测,且具浓厚个人色彩的,真正的天才更是如此。

30、Standing in the middle of the road is dangerous, because you will be knocked down by a vehicle from two directions。站在路中间是很危险的,因为你会被从两个方向来的车辆撞倒。

31、If you are only one person to like, then you have to be ready to compromise on anything at any time。如果你一心只为讨人喜欢,那你就要准备随时为任何事情妥协,最终一事无成。

32、No one will remember to be happy to help others, if this person only kind。 He's got to be rich, people will remember。没有人会记得起乐于助人者,如果这个人只有好心。他还得有钱,人们才会记得。

33、When a country can only export the TV, but not the core value of their output, it will never become a big country。当一个国家只能出口电视机,而不能输出他们的核心价值,它就永远不会成为一个大国。

34、The Russians are determined to rule the world, they are rapidly to make it become the most powerful empire in the world capital。俄罗斯人决心要统治世界,他们正迅速捞取使其成为世界上最强大帝国的资本。

35、Did someone ask me if I was trying to restore the value of the Vitoria era。 I said yes。 I'm still working on it。曾有人问我是否在努力恢复维多利亚时代的价值观。我直截了当地回答说是的。我现在依然致力于此。

36、I like to argue, I like to argue, I don't want anyone just sitting on my side, agree with me, this is not their job。我喜欢争论,我喜欢辩论,我不希望任何人只是坐在我边上,同意我的观点,这不是他们的工作。

37、Just to oppose won't let you win, only to fully support, and a clear and accurate to pass your information will win。仅仅只是反对不会让你取胜,只有全力支持、并清晰无误地传递你的信息才会取胜。

38、If you want something, say, find a man, if you need to find a specific work, we must find a woman!如果你需要信口开河、会说的人,得找个男人;如果你需要找具体做事儿的人,一定要找个女人!

39、Most of us are born with the desire to win, but the will to win the need to develop, the method of winning is also a matter of honor。我们大多数人天生都有想赢的愿望,但获胜的意志却需要培养,获胜的方法也是关乎荣誉的问题。

40、If your starting point is to please people, you have to be ready at any time, in any matter compromise, and you will accomplish nothing。如果你的出发点就是讨人喜欢,你就得准备在任何时候、在任何事情上妥协,而你将一事无成。